A Strange Dream

Thu, 05/23/2013 - 15:58 -- P.F.


United States
38° 54' 32.7636" N, 77° 31' 39.1656" W

...My strange reality
...Starts out the same
...With a strange dream.

Sunlight glistens through the windows
the shadows hide behind the corners
Into walls to hide away
from the onslaught of the day
Rising up, the feeling remains
it's all so different, but just the same,
Walking down from a floating plain
fifteen steps to the ground below.
A simple sweet square and out the door,
into the cave dark and shadowed
The beast that sleeps within this place
awakened with the turning of a silver piece
A key to follow his master's command...

A gathering is taking place
at areas around the globe.
The arteries of this fine place
throb with every green glow
A simple day, a simple task,
a routine repeated for ages past
Join the groups, follow orders
feel the drain, but never fold
The beast left sleeping in the yard
with thousands of others,
Each more different than the other
until they're wakened by a master's order

Brought back to a cave at the back of a lodging.
and left to sleep until next morning
Returning to the dwellings, all alike
watching mirrors upon the altars
Until the sun falls behind the towers
and the shadows come to play once more
lock us up, the lights are covered
and into darkness, we're brought once more.
Floating up into simple stars,
they're always missing just one eye
Into water, feathers, springs
until finally we drift into a dream.
And reality fades away.

...My strange dream
...Starts out the same way
...With a strange reality


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