Straight Talk

Sirens, flashing lights

What has happened ?

That's what I am trying to figure out that is what I want to do with my life.

My major I want to go into is criminal justice and to be exact would be a forensic

I am a Bronco Freshman

I got a taste of college life.

Many are to believe that I will not make it

I just put a smile on my face and walk away

No need for the negative and listen to it

I will not let that get under my skin

I know I am capable to do it

I can  do it when I set my mind to it

Yes many try to discourage me to not  become a forensic


I will strive and shine to be my best to my ability

Many will try to drag me down but I will not allow it

I know what my motivation is and what I thrive on

To make the world a bit brighter everyday even if it is the smallest change

Here is why it will soon be a ripple effect.

Many may not see it but I see bigger and brighter things to come

I am from various people who apply for  No filter but

I can say I come in with good intentions and will not take this for granted

I see a big picture to not settle for less

Yes I come from a small town and poverty

But I am trying to change that

I am trying to get out of the small town to see bigger and better

I have a voice and hope with all my heart you can hear form a broke college student who is

Trying ... Willing ..... Hopeful





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