The Story...of a Girl

My story is one of a little girl.
Broken, bruised, and bleeding.
Brought into the world by a father uncaring.
The torture she came to, shouldn't have to be told.

At six years old she lost her friends.
Abused by a father that claimed to love her so. 
Two years had gone by without even a "No."
This was just the beggining.

Three years go by and she finnally makes a friend.
Another little girl, just like her.
The parents were never there yet they claimed loads of love.
The friends that she'd lost took this one away.

Accidents and hurtful words, they never seem to mix.
She hated herself by age seven. 
Her only friend died that year.
A memorial on her back was all she really needed.

Now come double digits.
And with that, double the pain. 
Met her Best Friend  that year.
But it didn't stop the gain.

She let it build up, and up, and up,
Till she couldn't take it no more.
That was when she grabbed a blade.

No one knew why,
Not even she.
She enjoyed it but it stopped her from being,
Who she was meant to be.

Her teen years hit and it started to look up.
Then more deaths came and passed,
She'd begun to have more than enough.

They thought they kbew her story.
They thought they knew it all.
Once they read this poem, 
They'll see they knew nothing at all.

Now that little girl's grown up.
Lovely, Beautiful, and Strong.
She hides her tears behind a smile, never lasting long.
Her Best Friend knows the truth, but that's about it.

The little girl I told you about,
That little girl is me.


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