A Story To Write

I don’t write about me
About the dreams that echo through my brain
The dreams that almost were yet fell too short
The dreams fueled by my family
A last hope in a family of legacies
A doctor or anything “I” want to be
A future I may never get see

I don’t want to write about me
About what I couldn’t be
To paint a tragedy inside your memory
To see my thoughts drowned by your imagination
About a temple that sometimes gets filled with dust
A clutter of messages never to be seen
About an audience that only came here for comedy

I want to write about a galaxy far far away
About a world no one has seen
About characters whose home is inside my fantasy
Where time is relative, and all that matters is you and me
Where everything there is black white, and only angels and devils exist
No gray or middle ground,
Just what I want it to be

I write about me
About what I will be
About how my past changed me
About the fantasies that live inside my memory
Yet these things do not define me
Because I am a story
One without a beginning or end
One stuck between a conclusion and a climax
One that will rival the classics

More historical than Hamilton
A drama of the ages,
that will flood the theaters on opening night
A fantasy unlike any other, no Sci-fi
but I will give Star Wars a fun for its money

This is my story
And all I have to do…
Is write about me

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