The Story of Us All

Sun, 04/28/2013 - 00:13 -- A_Lady

Entered College as a Freshmen
Life was planned to full detail
My college major wasn’t an exception
I was a Communications major without fail

Becoming a motivational speaker was my life goal
However second semester my world started spinning
Communications definitely wasn’t in my soul
I started considering another major and then I started grinning

English Education was the place for me
To become a teacher and motivate was becoming my life creed
Knowing this now it is easy to see
Teaching is just like planting a seed

You see, I realize that our words last beyond our life
The one thing that can help people remember us by
Is the words we speak when encountering strife
Upon these words our world’s future will rely

My goal as a teacher is to teach writing
And to teach it well
So that when our time comes calling
Our words can tell

The story of us all.


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