A Story of Two Friends



It started slow and subtle this friendship strong

Quiet hellos went two years long

Yet connection was there between the heart

Quickly to escalate though slow to start


Each came to know the other’s breath, their voice

Drawing close love with almost no choice

Blue eyes, brown eyes, penetrating soul

Filling the gap of an unnoticed hole


As they passed each other on sunny days

Love would not let them stay the same

Although each pretended no interest in the other

Soon devotion to each would smother


Finally connection was established sure

By talking of subjects random yet pure

Between two friends was devotion and charity

Soon all secrets would shared be


Every moment between these two was joyous

Loyalty and imagination became their prime chorus

Love grew between these two friends

Until it came to a heartbreaking end


Almost too fast to take a breath

A gut wrenching blow with sudden death

Space threw a gap never to be changed

Miles separating these two friends pained


These two friends had their heartstrings tied

So tight nothing separating successful tried

Knots were left in, yet strings torn apart

Torn before the tearing could start


Oh, stupid miles had come between

These two friends, whom no longer could see

Long roads separated now their two homes

Each longing each day that the other comes


Each tries to come with complicated plot

Refusing to accept this heartbreaking lot

Each feeling agony without one another

Torture it was now  tears their face cover


Each would have for the other taken bullet willing

Though their body it would be killing

To silence they would not be listening

Nor agony of the other missing


And yet merciless fate left in agonizing pain

Both as they were separated by mountain and plane

Wanting to die, an end to the agony

Pure sorrow cured by no mortal apothecary


It was as though their souls had been fused

Tearing them apart as to be abused

If not Christ and the other’s sparse letter

One could not dream of life going on, much less it be better


As each into hopelessness sank

Each one’s life looking hopeless and dank

Though year had passed sorrow felt fresh

Each wishing from agony there was a rest


One coped only by the other’s traits knowing

The other by garden of peonies and roses growing

Each felt hollow as the flowers bloomed

Each felt each day their life to agony be doomed


                                            Another year passed, leaves falling bright

Sun fading fast as the grass turned to white

As this melted slowly into small crystal streams

Only of the other were these two friends’ dreams


Dreams of happiness, of the life before

This friendship the evil miles had torn

Or of the future with sweet embrace

As they met again with a joyous race


Yet these dreams disappeared as soon as they woke

Their hearts tormented and freshly broke

Two years had passed of their unending pain

Yet each still had hope to see eachother again


Soon the trait of one slowly began to fade

One now had nothing to ease the pain

The other’s garden began to bud

But now it brought not hope, but tortured blood


Yet out in the distance, beyond all their pain

A kindly old gentleman one friend surveyed

He slowly got to know this pain tortured heart

And was determined to break this agony apart


He saw the miles by which two were divided

And saw how their togetherness could be provided

He took one afflicted quietly aside

And explained how over the miles this friend could ride


Tears of relief flooded the eyes

Of the one’ whose hope had nearly died

Heart leaped from chest to head to toe

Nearly fainting from this certain hope


                                              The other friend was quickly contacted

By the weight of this prospect was nearly compacted

Such joy, such love, went into tidying up

For soon heart bonded friend with again would sup


Burden of sorrow lifted from the chest

This lightweight feeling of no longer being compressed

Everything was so free, so light

As the peonies and roses bloomed pink and bright


As a plane landed on the blessed runway straight

Towards the loading area pure joy raced

Soon eager gaze peered through the crowd

And pure joy entered the world out loud


The two friends raced towards each other's arms

Each so happy it felt as though there’d been no harm

Tightly embraced with tears running free

For only each other could these two friends see


Joy gushed forth in an unending stream

Each  promising the other “I’ll never leave!”

Tears and smiles and love all blest

Lives now restored although once were messed


Hands clutched tightly with inquiries pure

These two friends were together and sure

And so as blossomed the peony and rose

Everyday this friendship’s strength stretches and grows.


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