a story told

someone once a story told
of a reign, far I may add
there lived, lonely growing old
a monarch who very sad
was rapidly going mad.


a wizard was called to help
relief him of his distress
he said promptly with a yelp:
“the king just needs a mistress
to whom his love can profess”


upon hearing this the king
hoping his madness to lose
summoned his courtship to bring
from his kingdom every muse;
the most beautiful to choose


of the beauties in display
without any hesitation
and hardly a trace of dismay
the most beautiful creation
filled his majesty’s elation


exquisite as Sheherezade
to marry her, asked her hand
no longer was the king sad
the fairest maid in the land
by his side would always stand


of eyes as blue as the sky
Serena of the fields of gold
wavy hair of blondish dye
loved Heriberto, it was told
causing the fair lass to cry


seeing the king this occur
approaching the queen began:
“I know”, irate yelled at her
“that you love another man”
and she became pale and wan


“I cannot love you, oh king!
of Heriberto, I’m enamored”
the king in ire, upon leaving
vengeance in his heart clamored
from the hatred that he harbored


the next day the queen a parcel
opened, its bows nicely wrapped
crying and screaming the damsel
threw it seeing bloodily trapped
Heriberto’s dead head strapped


peeking the king undercover
saw inside the beauty’s pad
kissing the head of her lover
and the true passion she had
insanely, again became sad.



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Our world


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