Story of a Student

Fri, 10/11/2013 - 13:11 -- kmv159


No Mr./Mrs.______ I do care

it's just that I believe you are unaware 

that I have 6 other classes 

that I take 

and at 12am

I am still awake

doing homework 

and pushing myself

to be the best

but what about 

all the rest?

Ones who go to school

at war with themselves

because of people

who think it's okay

to bully and hurt others.

Many people at school

feel smothered.

We don't notice ourselves

the people who already struggle

and are stressed

because they have to juggle

other classes 

and come home tired

but lay awake at night

because their mind is wired.

This poor student wants to tell someone

how they feel

but they already know

no one would deal.

This student still dreams

of a different life 

but right now it seems 

he's so full of strife.

So the next day he goes 

and walks through the hall

and wonders

            when he




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