Story of a Second Grader


She lived a lucky life

Always happy, always smiling

Her biggest problems were nothing

She didn't really know what sadness was

But one day, it all crashed down

Her face filled with tears

She layed on the ground

Her life would never be the same

She found out, her sister died

Not just died, was murdered

Torn out of her life

She looked for help from someone

Anyone to lean on

But her mom was making arrangements

Always on the phone

Her dad refused to talk

Always angry, sleeping, or drinking

Her friends don't understand it

Couldn't help her, didn't try

She was only in the second grade

But she knew then

She would live a different life





MVP-Most Valuable Poet


it is essential to have that support and attention from love ones

this is how a child can get loss easily

great job and keep writing

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