That Story Once Told

That story is to hard to tell

A tale to painful

But alas the pages are opened

To a heart so broken and dull

Is it the water from the shower head?

Or millions of tears from my eyes?

A smile full of laughter?

Or one full of lies?


The whispers in the hallway about me

And the face to face confrontations

All the things that make me hide

Every single false relation

Thoughts of things I once feared

Destroy my once happy mind

No more real joy up there

At least none I can find


Then you come around

A new song to sing

A new happiness

A new melody

Only played once


The pain comes again

No more of that joy

Right back to where we began

A mind that is tormented

By words of one's self

By words of the others

No where to seek help

Cries drowned out by busyness

No one concerned

No one listens

If only they knew


Then you come again

With your rhyme and rhythm

And the beat of the drum

Brings back the beat of my heart

The joy restored

The happiness found

You are put on repeat

I'll always hear your sounds

There will always be sorrow

Always in one's heart

But I have you forever and always

To give me a new start


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