The Story in My Mind


United States
32° 58' 16.9752" N, 111° 29' 56.8788" W
Pages turning
Friendships burning
Burning to the ground.
Wonders and worries floating all around
Am I mean
Or am I kind?
Many thoughts roll through my mind.
Characters learn in different ways
Every page is like a thousand days.
All my foes have now let go
All they once thought of me.
For I am not running,
Running from thee.
My wonders gone
My worries left behind.
I am in control of my own mind.
Friendships flurry
Children hurry
Running to their friend.
Turning pages
Burning rages
Almost to the end.
Now let's move in
Before it's dawn
Let's hurry and descend.
Down from the climax
We'll keep reading
Until we've reached
The end.
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