Story Of My Life: A Slightly Darker Side

A dark hole has nothing on this so-called life

A dark hole is a haven to me. But life?

Life cuts at you like a knife.

And just as you escape the strife


It tears you down once more

And you find no wings to let you soar

Just this lonely decor

And the knife in a drawer


Ha. I could've taken it.

I would have taken it.

Adorn my neck with a pretty red slit

I wondered who would even throw a fit


But I wondered if I'd like to hear a newborn's cries

If I should wait to see the night skies

I though of what the fates may have devised

If I could look past the world's disguise


No saviour came

Just my curiosity's flame

Set, was the decision to play these games

To set my life aflame

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