The Story of My Life

  The Story of My Life

Once upon a time, I thought

I knew love.

Love was when you find your prince

and live happily ever after-

like a fairytale.

Your prince was easy to find,

looking so dashing

with the cutest smile

and best of all,

looking for YOU.

The villain’s bad guys

had capes and mustaches.

The villains were

easy to spot too; they were dark, bad,

and hated love.

But as I grow older, I'm beginning

to learn

that love isn't easy...

like a fairy tale.

My fairy godmother

is nowhere to be seen, and

no one is going to hand me

my dream.

Fairytale endings aren’t what they seem.

Your future isn’t decided by your shoe size.

The prince is harder to find and

the bad guys seem to outnumber

the good. I have no idea who

my prince charming is or if

he even knows I exist-

He’s hard to spot

drifting in and out of the shadows.

The bad guys don’t wear capes,

and the villains don’t always hate

love, they are masters of it. They

have bright smiles and

perfect hair and

a way with words that

makes you


…. In


You don’t realize

you’ve been captured

until it’s too late.


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