Story of my Life

Offered all of what I had. Love never overpowered or overturned. Consistency. Resilience, I tried. I failed. Mistakes, doubt and frustration captivates causing decisions to be made in the heat of the moment, rather than by the pure impulses of the heart. Once twice and the third. Never realizing the damage to myself, us, you. Never considering. Dishonesty. ON BOTH PARTS. Ask me and I will tell. I think.. in due time.? Never the less, truth always prevails. But when is the truth not supposed to be told. Misunderstanding.? Ignorance.? HUMILIATION.? At its peak. Words no longer heal the slices and blows, forever wounds. All I ever wanted, wat I’ll never have. Unspeakable now, never to work again. So whos fault .? which finger leads to the culprit.? I would never know. Even if it could, should we even try.? Too much pain. Vulnerability, alone in the world. Cold and unclothed, see me as I am. Throw your knives into my heart, and it will bleed. I may sob, but I won’t die.   

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