The story of my life

The story of my life,

Its simple and sweet,

But yet, taunting and cruel.

I was young and innocent,

With nothing to lose,

But hope, and friends.

I grew up in a loving household,

with loving parents,

And everything that a little girl could ever want.

Five years down the road i had realized,

My life wasn't all that i had hoped for it to be. 

I was sexually violated. 

The story of my life,

i was bullied, 

Ever since pre-k, 

To now. 

I had felt so alone,

I had felt nothing. 

Not even pain.

I felt so numb inside.

I was destroyed.

The story of my life,

Was that i had no life,

No childhood.


I have to build a new future.

A future that will better me.

I came close to giving up,

And now, 

I realized that i am much better then that. 

"i will love my self despite the ease with which i lean toward the opposite" 

That quote gave me a reason to live. 

The story of my life,

Makes me who i am,

It makes me stronger than life itself.

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