The Story the Eyes Can Tell


United States
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I glance in his direction.
He feels my eyes on him.
Slowly looks up at me.
Panic rushes through my body, but I catch his gaze.
I plea with my eyes, hoping he will hear their desperate whispers.
Love me. Love me.
He makes a mistake.
Looks at me for a second too long.
His eyes tell a story.
They're softly speaking to mine.
I love you. I love you. I do. I do.
He continues to grasp my quick glance.
I cling to his deep blue eyes; soaking in the things he is trying to tell.
I want to pull away.
I don't want to be sucked into the trap.
The trap I have fallen for so many times before.
I cry and scream and yell at my eyes to let go.
But they refuse.
My heart begins to sink as the eyes of the one I will never have bore into me.
Yet still they hold.
They clutch the one thing in this world I want, but cannot have.
A smile dances on his lips, luring me in to stay for more.
So I stay.
Look away! Look away!
Don't fall for the trick!
But my eyes are hypnotized.
And he looks away.
I have lost this battle.


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