The story of a bum


how rough is your life? 

was it rougher than mine

did you have a mother that loved you? 

cause mine abounded me

do you have food to eat?

are you a bum on the street 

clothes on your back

or a sack of rags you can call your own?

a roof over your head 

cause mine is a box

we're you beaten everyday?

given no attention?

kicked outta the foster system?

i didnt think so

told i hate you

get outta my life 

i dont love you 

a life without love is useless 

i wish you go away 

instead of please stay


how rough is your life ?

is is rougher than mine

life is hard 

im not gonna lie

and people are mean 

rude in fact

but you have a family that loves you

while i have no one

to care for you 

and yet i still have no one

will die for you

who will die for me?

i just have this blanket and a street corner

while you have a bed and a roof over your head

so i ask you 

and think real hard

how rough is your life?

cause it aint as rough as mine

how rough is your life?

because it must be better  than mine

you know how i live

passing me by everyday on the street corner

maybe next time you'll have mercy 

to a bum on the street

your life ain't rough 

cause when you look in a dictionary

you see me!

so i ask you once again

how rough is your life?


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