A Story To Be Told

Who am I?
Who. Am. I.

Three words that have the power to tell the story of a simple girl
An average girl with a more than average story
A fighter, an artist, a survivor

She lives her life with a smile
Always fighting back the tears that her story has to tell
Her body a jar of feelings that will soon overflow
Her story shows her strength

Abused by a father who claimed to love her
Took her innocence before she even knew what innocence was
He's promised to look after her only to leave a path of pain in his wake
To this day she still wishes she had a father but know's its for the better

Bullied from the time she was six
Now almost an adult and still living with a daily torment
She cries into a new boys chest feeling as if she needs a man to survive
She soon learns that the boy is not the one for her and a heartbreak makes it all the worse
Tears from the bullies and tears from a broken heart

She feels as if there's nothing left for her
Looking in the mirror with tears town her face
She smashes is like they smashed her heart
Blood flowing from her knuckles she picks up the blade
She slices once then once more

Curled up in a ball on the floor
She looks to the sky and cries out for help
Her words put into a single poem
A Poem to signify strength
To signify survival
To signify Herself

She hid the princess inside for fear of assassination
She hid all these year behind a wall of one sided glass and self-hatred
The wall has shattered with the shattering of her heart
Finally free of all the restrictions she shows everyone the truth in her words
The strength and sincerity 

She stands up in the middle of the battle screaming her war cry
Getting better one step at a time is the strength many don't have
The strength behind the story of hurt and pain and hell
Her story made her who she is
Her story made her strong
Her story made her an inspiration

Her story made her an artist

And that story is mine


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