Like a sudden wind she was there in my life

A gust that blew in from parts unknown

Swirled clouds around me, and it had my attention

And soon, a sweet rain started to fall

Refreshing in a way I had forgotten

This rain grew into a storm, something powerful

Like a child I'd play, all day, in the rain

Splashing in puddles as I found them

Smiling and laughing, in the rain, because of it

I would look up at the sky and dance in the rain

It cleanses me, washing away the old so I can grown again

And it grew stronger, and it drew me in

The lightening would flash, and its beauty would leave me blind

The thunder I would hear every night, rolling through my head 

But the storm eventually broke

The rains slowly stopped

The winds shifted and brought change, as they always do

And with the wind and the rain, went the clouds

Leaving me with the sun 

The sound of insects buzzing for my attention, over the echo of thunder

With my eyes closed I can feel the sun on my face

See it glow red through my eyelids

But I want the lightening 

I can smell the wet grass drying all around me

The puddle I'm standing in is getting smaller

The sun was my friend for the longest time

The only friend I had, or needed, or wanted

Always constant, so simple, so easy

But there's no wind here

All I feel now, is the sun burning my skin

The insects buzzing louder and louder, it makes me nauseous

I can smell the burnt grass, feel the rough, dry dirt under my feet

I want to chase the storm, but I know its not mine to keep

It is something wild and free

Something unique

A selfless storm





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