The Storm

Dear mom,


Love is something that cannot be stopped

Or stalled as you so want me to do.

It’s almost as if you are pained

To see me with someone not you.


And even though you say that’s not the case,

That you are simply trying to help me brace, 

All I can think is that the shielding hurts,  

and this hurt in my heart is making it worse.


So accept that I will not give him up.

I will not let him go as you so want me to do,

Because this is between him and I, 

And this decision is not up to you.


You have had your turn

To live your life unfurled

Made choice for me to learn

And brought me into the world.


I did not ask to be born,

But this life is mine

And if he doesn’t mind

We will remain together, untorn


So instead of being angry and unaccepting of me,

My decisions, choices, and life,

Support me during times of strife

Like the best friend of mine that you believe yourself to be.


Be my shoulder to cry on 

and help me see clarity and light

Despite the storms that may spawn

And cloud my mind, my heart, my sight.


Help prepare me for my future life

though you'll not be a part of if this attitude causes me strife

Try your best to be there for when I ache

And help me mend myself when I break


At this point in time,

YOU are the one breaking me,

Making me fall from my climb

And all I want to say is,


Don’t become the storm you so fear will hit me.


Still with hope,

Your loving daughter,

Samantha Saenz


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My family
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