The storm

Mon, 03/27/2017 - 14:58 -- Kd12893

A beautiful day with just a few clouds.
Cool breeze blowing around and around.
So peaceful I seem to be on what seems to me the perfect day.
Until thinking of you turns my world to grey.
I hear thunder in the distance getting closer with every thought.
Memories of you raining in with heavy drops.
The lightning starts to strike from me knowing I did you wrong.
The wind is your voice saying "I've loved for too long."
There is a pain in my chest.
Then it got harder to breathe.
The pain is unbearable I fall to my knees.
All I can see is her lifeless blue eyes.
I ask God "why, why did she have to die."
"I loved her so much. Why couldn't you see we could've fought through this just you and me."
I get back to my feet because now I know what I must do.
You lived your life for me now I must live my life for you.

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Our world


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