Stories with No Endings

Wed, 04/30/2014 - 22:06 -- emh153


Creativity. Creativity. Creativity.

The sole thought rattles my brain day in and day out,

Pushing, shoving, urging for circuits to rearrange, to toss out the old outdated data and allow more in.

Creativity keeps my weary eyes awake long into the night forcing my brain to remain on high gear,

Constantly turning, creating, developing stories, ideas, characters, impossible situations.

Creativity. Creativity. Creativity.

Because of you I am constantly on my toes, never a dull moment in this mind of mine.

Always thinking, always debating, always on edge, never pausing only rearranging.

Frantically jotting down ideas as each arrives at my mind’s door, attempting desperately to keep them all in line.

Creativity. Creativity. Creativity.

So many stories, yet so few endings written.

More unknowns, more plot holes in existence than the growing quantity of starving artists.

How can I improve this idea? Where’s the middle to my beginning and end? What sets this apart from the Hollywood garbage so many spend their limited funds to see?

The questions, the lack of endings, the terrors that plague an inspiring screen writer.

Creativity. Creativity. Creativity.

What good are you, Creativity, without someone willing to bring your work to life, to transform an idea from a transparent existence into a palpable state?

Four years of undergraduate school in a top notch film program slaving behind the camera, the keyboard, die heartedly competing for internships, connections to the world of film’s elite,

Longing to be one of the lucky and few whose films make it onto the big screen.

Creativity. Creativity. Creativity.

Please dear friend, Creativity, do not fail me now.

Remain a loyal companion by my side relentlessly kicking, shoving, pushing the door open so my unlikely, miniscule foot in the door can stand a fighting chance.

So many doors close yet so few doors open.

Creativity. Creativity. Creativity.

At what point will I realize the quest for my dream job has no end?

Inspiring screen writers numbers continue to rise, and I cannot help but find myself wondering what sets me apart-

Is it my lack of judgment or my engrossed heart?


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