Stop Trying to Find Me a Boyfriend

Did it ever occur to you, that I'm just happy with where I am in life? 

Did it ever occur to you, that mose single people that actually love their lives?

Did it ever occur to you, that maybe, people want to be single? I don't know why you keep pushing to find me a


Okay, okay. I know we joke around about this, but are we really joking though?


Because it seems like you want me to find a boyfriend, so BADLY. I mean, COME on. Can't you, just let me live

my life?

Can you stop redirecting the conversation to me a finding a boyfriend?

Do you really think I need one to be happy?

I said I was open to dating, shouldn't that be enough for you?


I want to live my life freely, until someone walks through the door and makes me stop dead in my tracks.

I don't need you to start a campaign for me to find a boyfriend.

I don't need you to tell me that you want me to be happy just like "so-and-so". Because I am.



You just don't ask me.



Look, I know you are just being caring and want what is best for me, but right now, just leave me alone.

Is that too much to ask?

I'll find the right person for me, when it's the right time.









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