Stop Time


United States
33° 11' 40.2216" N, 111° 27' 5.1732" W

I never knew that life would be like this
I always thought time would run by
but now as my time has reached the end
I hope sometime I will find you
and never have to look any further

time, time, time, stop, stop, stop
slow down for me and all for once
and let me live life for once
to find the one I love
And never have to lose anyone

Everything will go on
I can't stop anything from happening
I can't stop all the death around me
I can't stop the lose that will happen

But one will never disappear
My friends are forever no matter how much we fight
that's the one truth we all know
They are more than my family
They are the ones I care for the most

Suffer on with all this pain
they never seem to be gone when I need them
They are my true love more than the ones that have raised me
Both have been around since I remember
But one has always been there with the right thing to say

Make me smile in my times of true sorrow
Make me yell when I fell I know u too well
Make me cry when you show any sorrow
Make me angry because your always there
Make me feel your there too much and need some space

We need to slow down
and live life a little more
Get some time away from the world that keeps us
away from each other
One hour that seems like forever when no ones to keep us apart

Time, time, time, stop, stop, stop
Life is so short for us all
we need to stick together
no matter what falls before us
Our new family isn't who we marry or who we create
It's the ones that are there forever never to be gone a moment

When will everything stop happening
It seems like everything
keeps on killing and taking and making
everyone suffer through that no one should know
Stop time stop time slow down and let life go on

I never thought life would be like this
full of misery and loses
from all around us time just keeps on going by

will violence ever stop
will love ever find a true home
will there ever be place where all can come in harmony
to love one another no matter what was taught
someone stop all the suffering

stop time stop time slow down and let life go on
let everyone be as one
let everyone find a love that will end all this suffering
all it takes is one to start it all
a time of true love and no violence


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