Stop the Cycle


United States
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Looking through my eyes all I see is terror
So many girls scared to look in the mirror
Why cause they're afraid they might be showing
that somethings inside them may be growing
They Regret the ignorance of no protection
All just for some boys 20 minute affection
Because of her mistake her life has new direction
One that involves a childs protection
This is all by the boy that introduced her to "flight"
High in the clouds she gave it to him that night
She stuck by him through his cheats and lies
Why because she knew no definiton for a good guy
She followed the footsteps of her mothers ignorance
getting pregnant young, with much belligerance
Now we have to trust this girl to raise a child
born from a wreck we pray shes not wild
With this line of ignorance all we can say is maybe
and thats to finishing school, becoming successful, or most likely having a baby
Do everyone a favor stop the Cycle
being a babymama not a respectable title
Be keen and smart when it comes to boys
God made you for greatness, not a sex toy


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