Stop Coping in America


United States
32° 14' 33.3348" N, 81° 3' 12.186" W
United States
32° 14' 33.3348" N, 81° 3' 12.186" W

How do I mourn the death of

four Americans, one child when death is

everywhere - else.

I can crumble into shards of myself crying

over the death of my Uncle Jimmy,

it’s personal to me.

But somehow I can only feel empty

empathy for the four
I’ll never know.


I read today that 185 people closed eyes

never to open again in Baga, Nigeria

Families by the thousands brought down by the blows of

Bombs destroying homes.

The photograph,

Nothing but dirt, dust, rubble, tattered clothes

Char on slouching walls keeping out the only two green trees

Sorrow in the way the mud turns from brown to black

I feel the hole in my chest open a little more for them

When I read BBC news because American news doesn’t tell me

A suicide bomber killed two dozen in a quiet café in Baghdad.


My Uncle Jim died of old age, heart failure

His friends are dying too, my grandparents, their friends

An entire generation departing one by one.

There are bombs and earthquakes and machine guns and crashing airplanes

Sending generations hurdling to heaven 

On days when all I am doing is

Learning American history in my American classroom

Or waking up to watch American “news” stories on American television

Boston Marathon couple gets married

Jenna Bush Hager brings home baby

Morbidly obese should buy two airplane seats


I am privileged American   

college student
I don’t have to worry myself with

The origin of my next meal

Bombs going off in Baga

Earthquakes in China

Or insurgency in Iraq

I am done only mourning the loss of my loved

I am over learning to cope.


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