Stop Child Abuse

I sat alone in the cold dark room
I knew that he would be home soon
I really wish that people knew
how much pain I was going through

I heard a car park outside
if someone could hear me I would of cried
The door opened viciously with a thud
I would of ran for it if I could

I dream of a world where I am free
But Daddy was already looking for me
He dragged me out from under my bed
I knew he wished that I was dead

cowering in fright I began to plea
"Please daddy, don't do this to me"
But I could tell it was already too late
The alcohol he depended on had already decided my fate

It was all my fault that he lost his wife
It was all my fault that he didn't like life
He kicked me and punched me
I never dare to disagree

I am used to being shoved against a wall
I am used to him making me feel so small
The false laughter, the broken smile
with the first strike I should of ran a mile
I am warning you, never hide away
Never ever pretend everything is okay
Get Help, before it's too late...


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

sad as i read it

want to write about an inspiration that aspires you to see beyond that surrounding

you are very talented

thank you for your bravery in expressing yourself

keep writing

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