Stop Bullying

Have you ever been confronted by someone who is cruel

Does this treat you badly like your some fool

They would not understand this fully

But this person you have met is nothing but a bully

A bully is a terrible person indeed

This person should stop but he treats it like a creed

If you are being bullied you might have to go consult

Some one who is your friend or a trusted adult

The best thing to do is to stay calm at all times

They will say a lot of things but they are nothing but lies

So you need to leave as soon as you can

Just don't be part of their clan

These people are will put you down

But don't think your a fool, they are the clown

So if you are a bully to someone

Some of the things can't be undone

When a bully picks on a person

A person feelings will worsen

And one thing a bully can't put aside

Is if this person commits suicide

This would not be good to live with

And this is not even close to a myth

So if you are a bully reading this

Please stop and everyone’s life around you will be full of bliss

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