STOP and Rise


STOP PLEASE. I am just a tennager

I am not Jada

I am Chandler, yet I feel her hurt inside.

There is no victim, but the outcry of sexually hurt women

I thought sex was supposed to be between those who want to go through with it,

not force, not drugged 

Where is the common sense?

Where is the damn humanity?Women want to be wives,teachers,doctors,leaders

Yet they can be damaged in one moment and their dreams shattered....

Words that have could have been said 

Stop, This is not right, Why? They look away but they wanted to be cool so they followed

They did not know who she was

yet they killed her dreams and her mind by their actions

The saying action speak louder than words is not valid

they work together to make a difference.


Stay strong. Raise you fist. Scars show strength. Write your name proud. No matter the past, it can

never determine your fate

Rise Jada for you are set free from your past. The chains have

fallen as I rise with you.

There can never be a cure, but prevention is the answer.

BE aware. Beware for words are the killer as its owner chose not to use them.

And always rememberthat you are a quuen who will aspire to be great despite

your struggle 

Rise for Jada

For Now I am JADA.

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