To Stop and Look Around

Why don’t you give yourself a little minute?

Why don’t you give yourself a second to think?

Can’t you give them something more than anger?

But giving connects with giving up, like come out from behind the curtain

And all you value is strength. That’s why we hide ourselves

We’re weak enough to get rejected, pay attention

Pay attention to the little girl behind the curtain whose voice is a lie and

Whose face is an illusion but her words are the truth,

Hear the truth. Don’t be afraid that they’ll prove you wrong because

There’s someone else just like you are, so, and you’re like them.

To stop and look around makes it feel like a whole other world,

Because even though it makes you look lost and you don’t want that,

It’s magical, and nobody else knows because you never told them

But you believe in magic. It exists and it’s imperfect and beautiful.

To stop and look around casts a spell over you, and when they laugh

You want to leap to your feet and tell them what they’re missing.

You want to let them see the rainbows, the starlight, the silver lining and

Silver scarves. Optimistic and knowing better because of magic.

And if you don’t have the words in your head to talk,

That you don’t believe there is truth in what jumps to your lips

What’s on your fingertips then write it,

Because there are words in the paper even if it’s digital paper

There are words in the pen and the computer keys

And it helps, to have words.

Words are worlds, wait and see.

Try and fail, fly and fall, never broken, magical.

And even on the best of days the flame can burn black.

Even in the brightest light we hear them calling

But look up to the sun, and the indigo sky and see dragons

In the twilight clouds, salt air and mountains at the same time

Imperfection makes the stars perfect, and the breaks in their alignment

Is what once was made into creatures and symbols and memories of existence.

There is so much more to see in nothing

If you stop and look around.



Beautifully written.



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