The Stone Sphere


A stone sphere with two faces, one black and one white.

This sphere, you must know, is a beautiful sight.

A true work of art by an artist unknown,

In a gallery of wonderful works to be shown.

The pretty stone sphere with its hemispheres two,

Shows its different faces to me and to you.

Inanimate stone, but it will not stay put,

It rotates so the image you see of it is cut.


Some have never seen the white face,

Some have never seen the black,

Admirers far and wide a clear view of both domes lack.

Therefore some say the sphere is black,

And some insist it's white,

But neither group sees with the other group's sight.


So for those who have only seen the face that is white,

Know that your view is not wrong, but not right.

And for those who have only seen the face that is black,

Don't forget that darkness only engulfs that one half.


Remember this of such spheres, one face white and one black

That others may judge us as being this or that.

A single dome makes not a sphere, but two. 

Remember this lesson about the sphere that is you:

To show all your admirers the both of your faces

For a much more beautiful whole sphere you could be.


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