I Am a Bum, I Don't Give a Fuck

 My Favorite words Are Can You Spare a Buck,

 Soo when you See Me On that Off Ramp Posted Up,

  Don't Hesitate to Put some Change In My Cup,

  Now I Got Me a Sign Just Made Up,

  Will Work For Food Cracker Down On Luck,

  & You Can Find Me Under the Arch

  Or Passed Out Drunk At Hoe Boe Park,

 See Cuz I Am a Bum Baby This Is My Song,

  All You Hoe Boe's Sing Along,

 See I Don't really care ware your from,

 But we gunna Fight over That there Crum,

 & If You feel Me You Can Sing Alone,

 This Is The Life of a STL Bum, 

 See I Am a Bum Baby this is My Song,

 All You Hoe Boe's Sing Alone,

 See I Don't Really Care ware your From,

  But we gunna Fight over that there Crum.

  This Is The Life of a STL Bum. 

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I like thisHillbily! Put's a smile on my face. X

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