Still Standing!

I have been bullied since elementary school . The challenges that I endured as a victim of bullying has made it very hard to focus in school. It has caused me to be overly suspicious about everything around me and not be myself. Being bullied throughout my childhood and teenage years has made a big impact on my life mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Dealing with this problem at school has made it very hard to focus on my school work. Everyday at school, the only thing on my mind was on how to escape the next dispute. It has caused my life to change by having to move out of state to start fresh and new in a place I didn’t know of. While still trying to find myself, many things along the way has made me stronger mentally and spiritually.


Overcoming being a victim of bullying wasn’t easy. By moving out of state gave me a lot of time to myself to think about life and what I wanted to do with it. As time passed by, the bullying nightmares that I had just slowly faded away. With all of the free times that I had on my hands, I decided to get a job and join Mixed Martial Arts. By having a job, it gave me responsibilities which helped me prepare myself for the real world. Mixed Martial Arts have helped me gain self confidence and self respect. Joining Mixed Martial Arts has made me mentally and physically stronger than I was before. I’ve overcome the fear of bullies and will always take a stand for what is right.


Overcoming this evil challenge that I endured as a victim of bullying have helped me gain confidence and self-respect. I’ve developed my own voice and take ownership of my decisions. I use this experience as motivation to succeed in whatever it is that I do, whether it’s my academics or extracurricular activities. Life will present problems, but I learned to face them and not run from them. I am determined to prove to the ones that have doubted me that I can be or do anything I want because success is the best revenge. I learned to believe in myself and push myself to better my life and the lives of those I care about.




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