Still Seem to Pray


United States
44° 58' 26.9616" N, 93° 14' 3.12" W

Afraid it will come back
Up like a shadow
Up like his smoke
Rolling in with the tide
Even when I hide
I'm afraid it will find me
I'm afraid I'm still to week to fight
Because I remember how
Giving up was once so simple
I let it take over my body
I cared to much
But cared to little
I know that's a tricky line
To try to understand
But it's exactly what it was like
I couldn't live up to perfectionism
So,I pretended not to care
I couldn't change the world
So, I pretended I could bare
Bare the pain I took in
From her eyes
From the memories that haunt and dance in my mind
Bare to know I can't be perfect
I can't save her
to save my life
Even when finally things are over
In the back of my mind my hands are still tied
So, I'm trying to reach out to possitives in the past
But even those run so fast
leaving only these memories to taste
leaving only the future
In which I have almost no faith
But with my hands still tied
I still seem to pray


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