Still more plea

These days, Your words are short, Cut by your tongue Whenever I chip in With my usual story Which of course Has made me a great fool. Whenever I asked you To affirm my foolishness, You courageously assured me, That I am a better fool, For the other fools Speak a lot of nonsense And are so quick To decision as long as It favours them. I was grateful to have Improved in my level of foolishness. I was encouraged to improve my madness To continue looking foolish Because I do but truly love you. I love with all my mind, I love you with all my heart, I love with all everything, I love you with all my foolishness. Please I beg, may you favour your fool. People said, Love is a journey…….. Perhaps we can begin travelling. People said, Love is a war…. Perhaps we can start the fight. People said, Love is a song…. Perhaps we can sing together. People said, Love is like hunting… Perhaps we can hunt together. People said, Love is a fire… Perhaps we can extinguish together. People said, Love is a risk… Perhaps we can venture together. People said, Love is like swimming……. Perhaps we can swim together. People said, Love is like an illness… Perhaps we treat together. Love is natural. I feel it for you. Nobody persuaded me. Nobody bribed me. Not your beauty, Not your character. The truth is my heart has you in me. I want to be with you Like doctor’s hands in the gloves. I want to follow you Like the shadow follows its beholder. I want to protect you Like bees safe guard their hive. I want to freely Be with you Like baby lions with their parents. I always want to Play with you Like baby dogs with their parents too. I want to always Collaborate with you Like sleep and eyes. People die of age. People die of diseases. People die of accidents. People die of natural disasters. Please do not make die of LOVE.

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