Still I Rise (Real Revelations)

Mon, 04/22/2013 - 20:32 -- Ssd13

Tell her she's nothing, useless, minuscule, minute,
Tell her she's worthless, the price of a penny
put your hands around her neck and choke her
until breath is begged for
let her know you're superior and will always be the bigger and better one
trip her in the halls and pin her to the locker walls
bloody her mind, haunt her soul
but this girl she's special
she tells herself, I am me
I am free, I will be all I can be
You can hate me or dislike me
You knock me down now
You try and take away my joy, but still I rise
You tried to kill me
but when you're destined for greatness
sticks and stones and broken bones only draw me closer
to my throne
I am a queen
with big dreams
You poison me now, but through it all
still I rise and in the end I'll gain the prize
Life is what she makes it
and its all hers for the taking
when she's down and out
the lights never far
she may be down
but still she rises.

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