Still I Rise

You may think that you’re better than all

With your hatred towards everyone 

You may think what you want 

But still, like rockets, I’ll rise. 


Does my swag bother you? 

Why are y’all hating

‘Cause I walk like no other out there 

With my head held up high 


Just like everyone with their high expectations 

With the thought of never giving up 

Just like there’s no footprints on the moon

Still I’ll rise 


Did you want to try to get to me 

And see my reaction

Shoulders falling down like your IQ score 

Weakened by lacked of knowledge 


Does my presence disturb you 

Don’t you know that I really don’t care 

‘Cause I laugh like if you just got hit by a bus 

Trust me, I would be laughing pretty hard 



You may think that you can get to me

You may talk all the garbage you want 

You my hate me for who I am 

But still, like blood pressure, I’ll rise. 


Does my intelligence disturb you also? 

Does it bother you that you’ll never be like me 

That I dance like I don’t care 

At the sound of the tune 


Out of the huts of history’s shame 

I rise 

Up from a past that’s rooted in pain

I rise


I’m a person that forgives but never forgets 

Welling and swelling I bear in the tide 

Leaving behind all the useless memories

I rise 

Bringing the memories that will always stay

I am going to follow my dreams 

I rise

I rise 

I rise



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