Sticks & Stones

Sticks and Stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you," that's how that old saying goes, right? Lies!

Do you see that boy? Yeah, the quiet, scrawny looking one, with the geeky glasses that magnify the giant puffy bags under his eyes. Not to mention the hump in his back. The one that everyone bullies without a care in this cold and cruel world we live in. Well, what I bet you can't see are the long, horizontal, and vertical lines that make up the cuts on his arms, hidden away under long sleeves and hoodies. Or the black and blue bruises that cover him, front to back. Or maybe even the fact that the words "nerd" "geek" "useless" "trash" are permanently imprinted in his brain and he just wants it all to end. Or better yet as how you know him to be now, Dead. He overdosed on pain killers last night. He had scars that never had time to heal.

Or how about that girl? The one that everyone calls a "slut" or a "hoe"? Well let me tell you she is far from it. She's only ever had one boyfriend. He used, abused and bruised her. Left her with visible and invisible scars. She'll never be the same. He told one lie that turned into two then three until the lies created this cloud of darkness that shadowed her. The cloud released rain and everyday was a pain. It was all bad y'all. And every time she thought it'd get better it got worse. She was beaten and battered. Shaken and stirred. Did you know that she's been raped by her father, and sold to men for money in the past, probably not? Or that her best friend, her twin brother died trying to save her? She's just a shell of a person these days. You don't really know her. She too dreams of death, but there's still that one ounce of strength that keeps her going. Some where deep down I know that she knows that someone will be there for her and there's some light in her glowing.

Or maybe you know this last girl. The one who doesn't believe in her true beauty. "Ugly" and "Fat" are the words that she hears most. She goes home to stick a finger down her throat, in an effort to impress and dress like those around her. She looks at magazine covers covered in the thinest of models. "I want to be thin too," she says. She knows not of what love is. No one supports her. Salads do the trick and skipping meals believes her mother and her father's not around long enough to hug her or even know anything of her. She's hurting deep down and as she screams out loud, no one listens. But she hears them and words hurt.

Well words hurt them. They broke them down to be nothing but a shell. Shattered their spirits and took them to hell, on Earth. Be careful of what you say. Bullying is wrong, and doesn't make you strong. In fact, it makes you weak. Words hurts, sticks and stones may break their bones, but bones heal. Words they stay forever.

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