Sticks and Stones

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me but is it really true cause words can do both break you down and make you new but people today are so corrupt using word that are so abrupt that tear you down bary you six feet into the ground but god can take away the mound the dirt atop of you he has power above all he's the one who stands tall he's the one who made the call to bring you to his arms and I know at first you would flail but he held you so tight in his cradle but now you cry out hail... To the king and now your the one who says how God is the one who can save you from your ways and just lay there for days just giving him praise we believe in a God who takes the insecure and makes it secure takes your heart and rebuilds until it's pure  you look in a mirror and see someone ugly but he sees you truly and calls you lovely because your made in him your beauty is memorizing so ignore the words that are so desensitizing. Everyday I wakeup with scewed thoughts in my head when all of a sudden they cease myGod begins to speak telling me I am a masterpiece covered in his blood his armor his holy fleece and he is holding me in his arms with ease letting me know that though I'm not perfect he is pleased he has taken my passed and made it dicease, and taken demons off my back like medicine to a disease, he is my rock my foundation, my only proclamation, he is the only one I'll give my meditation, and you might ask why I give my self to him but then I ask you why you give your life to sin, but your the one who holds the pen, writing your own story and then... Wait there's nothing my life has broken down but somewhere in the distance I can hear a sound... it's him the one who I have longed for, showed me my own path and opened up the door, who broke down my heart and rebuilt it from the core, and showed me I was forgiven on the day the veil tore.

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