stickation to normalicy

i am neesey
my friend is freep
stickation to normalicy
thats our motto
ironically witty
thats its translation
to use dictionary words when you can invent some
is a forfeit
to grammaratize correctly
is a forfeit
overrated anyway?
to stretch the mind
is our contest
to spout the longest sentence with the least real words
and to sound intelligent in the process
is a feat worthy of applause,
as far as our concernness is applicated
for say,
the intigrested fertumals are gopulating in exterience
while moscitutes coprefaze in hermon frawsion
such is a masterpiece
a masterpiece of the mind
and at night
we say gniters and mwazzers and sweet dreamses
for why use a stranger's word when you've got your own
such is our motto, freep and i;
our stickation to normalicy ever high


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