I hate stereotypes.
Short, sweet, simple.
Ok... Maybe not so simple.
I hate it when people make jokes about how dumb blondes are.
So what, now Harvard applications are going to ask me my hair color?
Oh, and just because I have a loud voice doesn't mean I'm obnoxious.
I hate it when at a party the person who doesn't drink is suddenly a "kill joy."
That's called being logical.
You know, waiting to save your friend who practically dragged you there from doing something incredibly stupid.
I hate it when people only ask my mom if she's a stay at home parent but don't bat an eye at my dad.
Guys can take care of kids just as well as girls!
I know plenty of former cheerleaders,
And if you called some of them ditzy boy crazy airheads,
Let's say you won't have a head.
Onto the jocks,
Hot jerks with zero brain cells right?
In order to play they need to keep their grades up,
Which implies they need brains!!!
I hate how girls who wear short clothing are immediately sluts.
How would you feel if people insulted you because you like wearing jeans.
I bet when eighty percent of you hear the word bitch you picture a skinny white girl in tight clothes.
EVERY girl can act like a bitch.
I hate it how people see a married couple as a guy and girl,
I have two cousins that are lesbian and are happily married!
I hate it how people think of a man as strong and buff,
I have guy friends that drag me shopping more often than my gal friends.
I hate how we put personalities with nationalities
Germans are NOT going to kill you,
This is 2014 not WWII.
Americans arn't that lazy,
We may take breaks but we still work.
The French are not snooty,
My French teacher was perfectly friendly.
Asians aren't super geniuses,
They work hard.
I hate it how we take the image of one person,
And apply it to hundreds of others.
I hate how humans immediately label people without even really knowing them.
But most of all,
I hate how I think like that.
I hate how human I am.
This is all just so stereo typical.


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