He straddles the seat at his home desk

His heart divided between right and wrong

Venturing left will take him down a dark path in which he will never return

indefinitely lost 

Journeying right will lead him towards an everlasting love

brand new


but at what price


Out comes the slither of paper

A list is jotted down

Pros outweigh the cons

The negatives overpower the positive


Boom Boom Boom

the pounding smothers his head

Crack shatter splatter

his heart becomes unfixable

His heart informs him to choose

choose the girl behind door number one

His head is declaring war

whispering once it happens the mistake that is one cannot be undone

So he begins to imagine the outcome


He could decide to follow love

it will be exuberant for a couple of months

it will lead to an ignited passion

a passion that will eventually be extinguished

all that is left is the ashes and ambers of a burnt out relationship


or he can be an obedient puppy and chase after logic

choose the girl his family will approve of

they will be together forever

but only because they don’t believe in divorce

so what if there isn’t any flame

no desire coursing through their veins


He chooses to follow the yellow road 

He can exist in a sterile marriage

He won’t dare follow the red road

too afraid the end will cause him to live with a destroyed heart



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