I choose to be loud
Yet I have to be quiet to get your attention
Must I speak like a mouse to get you to listen.

I choose to wear my hair out
And about in its natural state
And walk around proud of my dark skin
But must I lighten and straighten up to get you to Listen.

You assume that I will speak
With poor grammar and without class
You assume I have no manners.
You assume I have not been educated.

You assume I'm afrocentric.
You assume I hate other races.

You assume I twerk and eat fried chicken
You assume that I say the N' word in every sentence.

You assume that I have something to say
Whenever a picture pops up of MLK

You assume the worst of me
Simply because of the color of my face

You assume
Because of what you've seen and heard,
But that grapevine was Not referring to me

I stand before you and speak
With poise and intelligence
I stand before you and smile
Because I know
Those stereotypes
Just bit you in the ass.

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