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Senior year in high school is coming to an end.
Time to start college with all new friends.
Everyone around me seems to have a clue
About what college to attend and what they plan to do.

Its time for me to make my decision
Without my parents supervision.
Applications, finical aid, and scholarships too!
Taking one step at a time is what I'll have to do.

Western Carolina University is the school for me.
Located in the beautiful mountains of Cullowhee!
I want to major in Forensic Anthropology
And double major in Organic Chemistry.

The human skeleton is what I will have to know
For me, this may not be an easy show.
Solving a puzzle without the picture
Hopefully in the end, it will all be familiar.

While in college I will play in the band...
The Pride of the Mountains Marching Band!
So look out college here I come
I don't know about you, but this is going to be awesome!


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