Step on a Crack

They say when you step on a crack you break your mothers back growing up you see each foot coming to fruition. left right there goes tuition left right there goes the car left right each step further contorting the pivotal backbone that is the mother. the one that brought you into this world the one that fed and clothed you the one that made you, you. Ideally coming into the age of maturation it seems that the cracks should come far and come few but with each step taken you can sense her form further misshapen. Slowly you wander through the course careful to avoid the cracks, loathing the consequence of each misstep. A mother who continues to give you everything and in return what could you possibly manage, everything blanches in comparison. So you give her what you can, your love attempting to mend the damage. Not nearly enough but one day, maybe someday soon there will no longer be cracks in your path a mother once incapacitated by your mistakes now conciliated by the path you take. Unbounded is your path that was once littered with cracks. left right far from the start left right no pain as she stands tall never the same.

This poem is about: 
My family


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