stealing kisses

Oh but that kiss darling

You stole the air I was breathing

Took it for your own to breathe in

Parted lips are too much of a temptation

For you, isn’t it true

Never too exhausted to imbue

My chest rose up and froze

Toss me out of vadose

Just go ahead and throw everything in a bin to disregard

For once I was caught off guard

Slipping my own tricks from my sleeves, copycat

What does one do after that?

You give me almost too much to write of

I’m afraid, love

You continue to have a record for thievery

I thought I’d put enough wrenches into your machinery

The concoction of a device to lure me in every time

You started small with your first crime

Softening my walls a smidge with ironic manners

Daring to stand above all my standards

And under my umbrella and pouring rain

Making me start wishing things in vain

Stealing a soccer ball and a smile wasn’t enough

You made me start to wonder if my feelings you’d rebuff

Snatching my sole attention on another for your own

My best friend you made me disown

Then carried off my wits with your cologne

I thought the ransacking would end

When you took my heart out on a “lend”

But now you’re stealing kisses too

Sampling my mouth with hunger

I wish I’d loved you when I was younger

For all that time was wasted

And I didn’t know until your lips I tasted 


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