Staying Awake

Sleep in her voice, that's when rules are gone and the truth is set free. Nothing but honesty.

I think she does it on purpose because she knows I'm so tired I won't remember when we wake. She says she's going to go bed but 5 minutes later her voice is still in my head probably rambling about something she's been dying to say all week.

She swears there's nothing there but who can believe her swears anymore?

When she wakes I'll be asleep for the next 5 hours, while she drinks coffee to get the taste of her daily meds out of her mouth.

She fills her mind with education but she roams the halls for a while because she can't remember her next location. Then she comes home to tell me if things went good or bad enough to effect her entire mood.

I can't recall how many times she said "I don't wanna be with you." knowing her it was around the time when all my answers were short and simple like yes and no.

We've never been together but I can't let her go. 



I feel that way about someone now.


Yeah I wrote it in a guy's prospective of me and our relationship. 

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