Stay Strong My Brother and Sister

Dear Brother and Sister


I know that life hasn’t been easy.

But life isn’t easy nor fair.

You think that you’ve been broken.

But yet you still stand strong.


Yes you have cried many tears.

You have fought many battles.

But yet you are still here.


Many times you have thought about giving up,

But even if you tried, you knew you couldn’t.


Everything happens for a reason.

Everything happens in a season.

For you to become stronger than what

You ever were before.


You are powerful.

You are strong.

And you are a conqueror.


You are beautiful and strong inside and out,

Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.


You are not alone.

Do not give up.

Hold your head up high.

Stand tall.

And forever be strong.



Kennedeigh Hairston

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