Stay Strong


You are an imperfection

Living a life of unsatisfaction

To care

Or not to care

Does it really matter

Come now bring on the laughter

Look at Your life

Drop the knife

Imagine a sweet tune

You are not a loon

They just left you alone

Not leaving a single bone

Anxiety is always near

Just as hard to bare

So don’t bail

People will always fail

Keep your chest high

Prepare a new truth not a lie

Before too long

Your life will be a new song

Hold your heart

Even if it hurts

Count the moments it’s there

Ignore its tears and wear

See the stars

Without a care

Set yourself free

Leave yourself be

Let loose the tears

To be rid of your fears

Rewrite the wrong

Stay strong


Cheryl Griffith

Beautiful strong ending, very encouraging "Rewrite the song, stay strong" I love it . Powerful and inspiring keep writing.


Thanks I appreciate the encouragement. :)

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