stay perple


they shove you down 

they cut you up

there words like knives

the words that tainted a pure heart

many say that kids a crule 

this is very true

using words like wepons 

like knives that will kill you

there was a girl that was only 15 and went by the name Amy

every day she put on a brave face and hid her pain 

when you saw her you wouldn't have known 

how broken she felt when she reached home

how they had treated her 

how her peers hurt her

how they treated her 

how her peers lashed at her and for what?

a kick and giggle

i heard a phrase once about sticks and stones and how they brake bones

but look here at this girl 

who took her life leaving a note behind

telling us so we would know 

words do worse then brake bones

words are the drugs you take to sleep

words are knots you tie around your neck 

and all for what a laughe?

look at what it's done and who it's hurt

all this for nothing 

but this what i'm saying isn't ffor not 

it's for all of you who are hurt

broken, battered, betrayed

thoughs who are and were bullied close to that edge

i want you to stop and listen

stop lieing and cutting yourself 

stop tieing knots in ropes

stop looking at the meds in your hand

i know where you are i've been there too 

so don't be quiet be loud and heard

let them all know you hurt

i found sometimes the strongest of us are the most broken trying to fix themselves

i found my way and i faught my fight and i have my scares to show

so if your hidding come out and face it and know your not alone


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